BME Preston Heroclix Assassination Plot 500 Points Golden age

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Sunday, 12/20/15
2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Book & Music Exchange, Preston

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500 points golden age rules 2 bystanders required

Concept: A key political figure is being targeted for extermination by the villains, whether it be for terrorism, revenge, or a high-paying contract, it’s up to the heroes to stop them

Set up: The hero player chooses two bystander tokens, the TARGET and the BODYGUARD, and places them anywhere in the center two rows of the map adjacent to one another. The villain player chooses the map, the hero player chooses their starting area and also goes first

Special Rules: The hero player may assign the TARGET and BODYGUARD actions as if they were part of their team. Whenever the hero player assigns a move action to the TARGET or BODYGUARD, both tokens move together using the slower of their two speeds, and must remain adjacent. As long as the BODYGUARD is in play, the TARGET takes no damage or suffers any other effects of attacks. (For example, if the BODYGUARD and TARGET are both hit by an Energy Explosion attack or splash damage, the TARGET would be unhurt.)

Victory Conditions: If the villain player KO’s the TARGET, they win the game. If the TARGET is still in play after 10 rounds, the heroes have successfully stopped the assassination attempt and the hero player wins.