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Saturday, 11/21/15
11:30 am - 5:00 pm

Something 2 Do


Competitive Singles Tournament

Double Elimination
No Custom Moves
Custom Miis allowed (details below)
Venue: Something 2 Do
November 21st , 2015
Singles Registration: 11:30-12:15 PM
Singles Start time: 12:30 PM

Competetive Bracket Entry fee: 7$ Total
(5$ event fee, 1$ venue fee, 1$ extra prize fee)
If you bring a full set-up you get a $1 off.
Setup Information
A setup consists of the following:

Wii U

A Wii U with all of the appropriate cables
Super Smash Bros. for Wii U
Gamecube Adapter (Mayflash is not accepted as a viable alternative)*

*Let us know if you do not have the Gamecube adapter! We have extra, and we might be able to make it work!

Prize pools will be determined by the number of entrants. We’ll be using the following system:

50+ Players/Teams: Top Eight
25-49 Players/Teams: Top Six
16-24 Players/Teams: Top Four
12-15 Players/Teams: Top Three
Under 12 Players/Teams: Top Two

Top Eight Payout:
1st: 38%
2nd: 26%
3rd: 16%
4th: 8%
5th: 4%
7th: 2%

Top Six Payout:
1st: 40%
2nd: 28%
3rd: 16%
4th: 8%
5th: 4%

Top Four Payout:
1st: 45%
2nd: 30%
3rd: 15%
4th: 10%

Top Three Payout:
1st: 50%
2nd: 30%
3rd: 20%

Top Two Payout:
1st: 60%
2nd: 40%

Bring your own controller. We will have Gamecube adapters on each of the tournament set-ups.
Wii Mote & Pro controllers are allowed. Be sure to d-sync your controller after each match(even friendlies) so not to interfere with future matches.

Stage List

—Starter Stages—

Final Destination
Dreamland 64
Town & City

–Counter-pick Stages–

Lylat Cruise
Duck Hunt
Omega Stages (if Final Destination is banned, Omega stages are as well)
Delfino Plaza
Miiverse ( if Battlefield is banned, Miiverse is as well)
Castle Siege

We will be going with a 1-2-1 Ban for selecting stages

The Additional rules will apply

● Selecting Stage Striking order: Players will compete in Rock, Paper, Scissors and the winner will decide who will strike Stages first. Themselves or their opponent.

●Stage Striking: For the first round the player selected from the results of the Rock, Paper, Scissors match strikes one stage from the Starter Stage list. Then the other player strikes two stages and the first player will pick from the remaining stages for the first match.

● Stage Striking: After a game, the player who won the
previous game may strike 2 stages from either the Starter or Counterpick lists. Then the player who lost may choose one of the remaining stages to play on.

We’ll have a copy of the stage list at each station along with the rules so don’t worry about memorizing every detail. You will have a reference.

—The Matches—

Matches will be best 2 out of 3.
Winner Finals, Loser Finals, and Grand Finals will become best 3 out of 5.
No items.
3 Stocks.
8 minutes.

Custom Mii’s: Competitors who want to play Mii Fighters must fill out a card at the beginning of the tournament for the type of customs moves they want to have for their Mii (if you want a standard 1111 Mii , you still have to fill out the card). This will be the type of Mii you can use and you cannot change it. So if you pick a Mii Swordfighter at 1122 you must always use that type of Swordfighter. The same goes for brawler and gunner. We will be using the standard Guest Miis. You must have Mii card in order to use a Mii Fighter in the tournament, so don’t lose it!

Mike Pfaff

Mike is the co-founder of Nerd Louisville and still volunteers from time-to-time. He's been a nerd since he was first introduced to Dungeons & Dragons when he was a wee lad and continues playing to this day. You can play games with him at Slur Your Role or other Nerd Louisville events.