Call of Cthulouiville IV

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Sunday, 01/31/16
4:00 pm - 8:00 pm


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New players welcome. If your character survived a previous session, bring them back to further explore the mysteries of the setting. This is an open game- feel free to play just once, or once in a while. There are no regular group members.

On the second morning of fall semester, a student’s body was found in the Science Lecture Hall, apparently mauled to death by a wild animal. A bloody claw print had deliberately wiped away the conclusion of a long equation on the white board. Investigators have learned that the student was trying to decipher the mathematical nature of the universe from a book called The Celeano Fragments that he learned about on an archaeological expedition to Lebanon. And why are two other students from that expedition now missing? Did Professor Zimm, the leader of the expedition, cross the border into Syria to retrieve an original Arabic copy of The Necronomicon? Can you rescue Catherine Arnold, who was abducted from the Zippy Mart by a four-armed giant and sold to a wizard? How is local mob boss Maxim Kumarin involved? Good luck solving these mysteries and surviving with your sanity intact.

Andy B