Dice Masters Uncanny X-Men “Retro” Rainbow Draft

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Saturday, 12/19/15
12:30 pm - 4:30 pm

The Destination


On December 19th, The Destination plays host to a menagerie of mutants as we focus on the second released set for Dice Masters: The Uncanny X-Men.

UXM was released in October of 2014, and quickly changed the way Dice Masters was played. The set contains several must-own cards that are still a part of virtually ever top tier team. This was also the first widely available set for Dice Masters, and the first one that many players have drafted. This set hasn’t been drafted at The Destination for at least 8 months, but it makes its return for one day only!

If you haven’t played in a Rainbow Draft, here are the rules: “Each player should come to the event with 8 Sidekick Dice, 12 Basic Action Dice, 4 Indicator Cards, and 2 Basic Action Cards (players may choose which Basic Action Cards they’d like to use after completing the draft, but must use the same 2 throughout the event).

Each player in the draft sits down with 12 packs of Dice Masters to draft with. A set of 6 packs is opened. As each player opens their packs they should verify that the cards and dice match. Keeping their cards secret, players should set them aside into a pile of 12 cards. The next 6 packs are opened and when complete are placed into a separate pile of 12 cards in front of the player (the piles are not to be mixed).

All dice are placed into the center, and arranged so players can see exactly which dice and how many of each will be available during the draft. We call it Rainbow Draft as players may elect to sort them by color to allow for easier visual spotting of which cards correspond to which dice during the draft.”

Rainbow Drafts are, in many people’s opinion, the best way to play Dice Masters. Everyone starts with the same opportunity to craft a team of up to 20 dice and up to 8 characters from the cards they select.

A word about Basic Actions… they are all legal. From any set, released before or after Uncanny X-Men. The event will be played over four rounds, with each round having a thirty minute time limit. If the game isn’t over at the end of thirty minutes, then a five turn overtime will occur. If neither player has STILL not been reduced to zero life, then the player with the highest life total will win.

The cost for this event is $13. Prizes will be additional packs of Uncanny X-Men, and the prize pool will be based on attendance. EVERY PLAYER, from first to final place, will be guaranteed a prize. That means that, at worst, a player will leave with at least thirteen booster packs worth of dice and cards. Visit our event page on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/events/430704377123891/) or on the Wizkids Event System (http://www.wizkidseventsystem.com/event.php?EVENT_ID=141226).

Come join us on December 19th for the Uncanny X-Men Retro Rainbow Draft!