GenCon 2016

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Thursday, 08/04/16 - 08/07/16
All Day

Indianapolis Convention Center


The Best Four Days in Gaming™

Indiana Convention Center

Gen Con is the original, longest-running, best-attended, gaming convention in the world!

Featuring hundreds of game companies, award-winning authors and artists, costumed attendees, more than 15,000 events, a Family Fun Pavilion, and the debut of exciting new games, Gen Con truly is The Best Four Days in Gaming™!

Thank you for a record-setting Gen Con 2015! Gen Con has set an all-new attendance record with a unique attendance of 61,423 and a turnstile attendance of 197,695, creating a six-year span of record growth. View the complete post-show press release.

Attendee Guide – Badge Information


Badge Type Pre-Registration Price Standard Price
4-Day $90 $120
Thursday $55 $75
Friday $55 $75
Saturday $55 $75
Sunday Family Fun $45 $45
Trade Day $120 $155
VIG $550 $600

+ Please note Marion County imposes a 10% Admissions Tax.

+ Pre-Registration prices are valid through June 19, 2016 at 11:59pm (Eastern).

+ Gen Con does not offer any badge discounts.

+ All sales must be completed online. We do not accept mail order or phone sales.



Badge sales start on January 22, 2016 at noon (Eastern).When you are ready to purchase your badge, follow these easy steps:

  1. Visit (opens in new window).
  2. Enter your Username or Email Address and Password.
  3. Click the “Sign In” button.
  4. Select the “Get a Badge” link at the top right of the page.
  5. Follow the On Screen instructions to complete your purchase.

TIP: In order to purchase multiple badges in a single transaction, you will need to first add your friends to your friends list. Once your friend has approved your Friend Request, you may select the “Get a Badge” link in the top right of the page and “Select” the badge type you wish to purchase. Then, check each friend’s name that you wish to purchase a badge for this and will add the badge to your cart.

Mike Pfaff

Mike is the co-founder of Nerd Louisville and still volunteers from time-to-time. He's been a nerd since he was first introduced to Dungeons & Dragons when he was a wee lad and continues playing to this day. You can play games with him at Slur Your Role or other Nerd Louisville events.