Nerd Louisville Presents: Slur Your Role XVIII

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Sunday, 10/09/16
3:30 pm - 8:00 pm



Nerd Louisville Presents: Slur Your Role XVIII

Nerd Louisville presents – Slur Your Role! – a night of roleplaying games and boozing in the belly of Kaiju on Oak Street. Grab your lucky dice and join us every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month!

**** We require a small donation of $3 to play! ****

Check in at the front of the bar where we’ll be managing signups. We accept card and cash donations.

Walk-ins are welcome to the event, but we highly encourage showing up by 3:30 pm to secure a spot at a table in the game of your preference. Drinks aren’t served until 4:00 p.m.

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→ Game Menu ←
►D&D (Multiverse – Dream of the Darkmaiden), run by Hilary
►D&D (Multiverse – Moonthrone), run by Lane
►D&D (Multiverse – Warden’s Reach), run by Jackson
►D&D (Multiverse – Fury of the Gem Isles), run by William
►Star Wars Universe, run by Don
►Call of Cthulhu, run by Jonathan
►Dark Age, run by Mike

Each game master will have pre-generated characters for people who don’t have one. If you’re playing in a Multiverse game, you can use your character from other Multiverse games.

As always, please tip your bartender! Thanks to Kaiju for hosting.


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Slur Your Role has been a featured Staff Pick in LEO Weekly and grows each time we hold the event. If you’re a game master and interested in running a game for Slur Your Role, please contact us


Mike Pfaff

Mike is the co-founder of Nerd Louisville and still volunteers from time-to-time. He's been a nerd since he was first introduced to Dungeons & Dragons when he was a wee lad and continues playing to this day. You can play games with him at Slur Your Role or other Nerd Louisville events.