Vector Games Conference 2016

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Saturday, 04/30/16
All Day

EKU Gaming Institute


Vector Games Conference 2016 to be held at Eastern Kentucky University on April 30 in collaboration with the EKU Gaming Institute, the Richmond office of the Kentucky Innovation Network, RunJumpDev, and TechBase 10. Vector is a celebration of local developers, a well as a chance to network with leaders and peers in the field of game design and development.

Vector will feature networking, talks from industry leaders, workshops and roundtable discussions.

Industry Speakers

We are so pleased to announce the involvement of some brilliant, creative minds from the world of digital media. These speakers come from the world of triple A development, as well as talented indies and gifted innovators.

In addition to these talented speakers, we’re opening the door to community led round table discussions. Get your topic heard and fill out the application form here.

Student Showcase

Kentucky students are invited to participate in the Student Showcase, an exhibition of Kentucky student work. These admissions will be viewed and judged by a group of local developers as well as our guest speakers.

Are you a student? Submit your game to our Student Showcase.


Last year’s event proved to be a successful networking moment for OHINKY (Ohio-Indiana-Kentucky) developers, and this years event promises to be much the same. Time is set aside for demonstration of games, but there is no expo hall floor. This means that you will have a chance to engage with developers one on one, rather than spending energy on self-promotion to a public audience.


At Vector there will be the opportunity to workshop with industry leaders and educators. There will be hardware and software workshops from talented members of the hardware and software community. Attendees will have the chance to learn more about the practical and theoretical elements of game design.

Mike Pfaff

Mike is the co-founder of Nerd Louisville and still volunteers from time-to-time. He's been a nerd since he was first introduced to Dungeons & Dragons when he was a wee lad and continues playing to this day. You can play games with him at Slur Your Role or other Nerd Louisville events.