Dirk Stanley Podcast

In this episode of the Nerd Louisville Podcast, we talk with Dirk Stanley, owner of Simian Circle Games and creator of the Far Away Land role-playing game. Dirk lives and works in Louisville, and just recently raised over $13,000 from Kickstarter to produce five brand new Far Away Land books.

Highlights Include:

  • Introduction
  • Louisville weather is weird (1:15)
  • Dirk Stanley is a writer and artist (2:00)
  • Dirk Stanley is not Altruistic (4:00)
  • Far Away Land vs. Adventure Time (6:40)
  • Training Montages (9:00)
  • Dirk Stanley is a Muder Hobo (14:00)
  • How do they die? (17:50)
  • Revised Tome of Awesome (19:00)
  • Failure can be fun! (22:30)
  • Jonathan and Dirk love killing players (26:00)
  • Life in Eastern Kentucky (30:00)
  • Naval Combat Rules (36:30)
  • Dirk and Jonathan talk about Game of Thrones (41:30)

You can learn more about Dirk Stanley and Far Away Land on the Far Away Land Website

The Crew:

  • Jonathan Meadows

The Podcast

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