GM Master Class Re-Cap

We would like to thank everyone who came out to our first ever GM Master class. We had approximately 45 attendees and five speakers. Presenters discussed free and affordable resources and apps for running D&D and other games, world building, how to handle various player actions, general table etiquette, being mindful of your audience and convention play.

As promised, here is a list of the resources we discussed at the event:

Orc Pub D&D Encounter Generator and SRD Resource site
DM Guild
Dresden Files RPG
Running Public Events (Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff Podcast)
Game Master 5 iPad App

Special Thanks to Our GM Masterclass Sponsors

We’d like to give a special thanks to Brian Engard, a designer for the FATE series of games, who shared his expert knowledge of the system and even donated a copy of FATE Accelerated for our giveaway.

Audience winners from our GM Masterclass workshop event holding dice, game manuals and other giveaway prizes.

We also want to thank our sponsors, Legend Comics and Game Science for providing modules, dice, and other GM materials for our giveaway. As always, thanks to our partners at Kaiju for providing space, chairs, etc. and also for donating some of their own t-shirts this time for our giveaway.

Every other Sunday, you can Slur Your Role with us at Kaiju. Every Monday we host GameKnights there, and Kaiju also has their own video games available everyday.

You can see photos from the GM event, including winners with the prizes in the gallery below.

Brandon Stettenbenz

Brandon handles content strategy for Nerd Louisville and is part of a team of content strategists at TLH. He’s also a Sci-Fi author, literary geek, gamer, and nerd of many fandoms.