Imaginarium Convention, Oct 7-9

Imaginarium banner with man at a typewriter with illustrated magical butterflies emerging from the page.

Imaginarium, Louisville’s premiere writer’s convention, is happening soon: October 7-9. Some of the best genre writers locally and nationally will be there. Writers and others will host informative and “must-see” panels. There will also be a film fest, vendors room, and a fantastic Friday night of Music and Burlesque. Fans will also come for some of the best Gaming in town, running all weekend!  Cosplayers, writers, gamers, and nerds of all genres are invited to join the festivities at the Crowne Plaza Hotel.  

Nerd Louisville’s roaming reporter, Matt McCloud, sat down for a conversation with his good friend Stephen Zimmer, creator of Imaginarium:

NL: Stephen, what made you decide to have a full-fledged writers’ convention in Louisville?

Stephen: Well the thing was that you have your very heavy programming events, then your fandom events. And I thought it would be fun to have a fusion of the programming of a writer’s con and the fun of a Fandom convention. I just knew it would work.  This is our 3rd year and its been a great environment for both.  Its got great panels with all kinds of information for creative types and then all the cosplay, gaming, film festival and fandom for the fans!

NL: That’s incredible Stephen we are really excited to hear that.  I see you are at the Crowne Plaza has that been your host site for all 3 years, sometimes cons have to move venues.

Stephen: Yeah, that’s been our home.  We definitely have our system there now. Great layout everything should run smoothly everything is off one main hall, and the best thing parking is free!

NL: Well that’s great to hear!  I see there is  a sweet gaming room for us gaming nerds, want to talk about that?

Stephen: Oh yeah I want our gamers to have a great time, and enjoy a break from gaming and take in some of our panels, cosplay and films happening around the gaming room.

NL: This is also a writers’ convention, who do you have coming as guests for the con?

Stephen: Well we have one of the biggest Horror writers out there, Brian King, as guest of Honor, very famous for his Zombie series. Hugo award winning writer Tim C Hines for our Fantasy Fans. Major Romance Novelist Elizabeth Beverly.

It’s a multi genre environment. Fantasy, Horror, Sci-fi, Romance, Mystery. Along with publisher Jason Sizemore, definitely one of the top independent publishers in the business, a real cool mix of all kinds of great writers and business people associated with writing.

NL: So will some of these publishers be able to look at a person’s story?

Stephen: not only that, they will be giving pitch sessions, where anyone can come with their story or script and give their best “elevator pitch”. They are trying to make themselves fully accessible [to aspiring writers].

NL: We really like the sound of that!  Well, we look forward to seeing you as we enter the Imaginarium!

Stephen: Yes please!  October 7-9, we are open all weekend!   Admission is $65 for a full weekend, but we also have day passes for $35, if you can only make it one day.  


You can check out the Imaginarium website to plan your day or weekend:

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Matt McCloud is one of the Old School Gamers in Nerd Louisville and loves revisiting his favorite RPG's of the 80s and 90s. A convention goer for years, Matt has worked in just about every venue of the gaming convention business; fan, roadie, volunteer, track manager to producer of the first Tabletop Game Day in Louisville, Nerd Louisville's roaming reporter and podcast producer is always looking for that something shiny.