Little Nerds Fundraiser

Little Nerds
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Nerd Louisville is raising funds to provide tabletop gaming supplies and accessories to low-income children in Louisville.

Tabletop games can be instrumental in giving children recreational activities that are safe, educational, and creative. Nerd Louisville has partnered with local gaming stores to get the lowest possible price for the gaming supplies we will deliver to the children. These supplies include polyhedral dice, card game mats, wet-erase hex mats, and gift cards to purchase miniatures and figurines.

For our first distribution of items, we’ve chosen the Cabbage Patch Settlement House. They equip and empower at-risk children, youth and their families to be self-sufficient by helping them maximize their economic, educational, emotional, moral, physical, social and spiritual potential. With your investment, we hope to expand this initiative to other organizations serving the Louisville community.

Help us introduce the next generation of nerds to tabletop gaming by donating now!

What we're giving:

  • 12 Sets of polyhedral dice; donated by Heroes Comics and Gaming
  • 12 playing card mats for Magic: The Gathering
  • 4 durable wet-erase grid and/or hex mats; donated by The Louisville Game Shop
  • A $60 gift certificate for gaming miniatures at The Louisville Game Shop

You can help! Please make a donation of $10, $20, or whatever amount is meaningful to you and your budget. Your donation will get new gaming supplies to these children.

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