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2100 S Preston St

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It’s rare to find a bar that your grandpa partied in; rarer still to know that it has only gotten better in the ensuing decades. Such is the case though with Zanzabar, which opened its doors originally in 1938 and has continued to attract and entertain local residents ever since.

Zanzabar has established a local reputation as one of Louisville’s oldest neighborhood gems and newest casual cuisine and live entertainment destinations.  Zanzabar offers up Louisville’s only vintage arcade and hosts weekly pinball tournaments. Sunday trivia nights are wildly entertaining, and Zbar also serves as an award-winning, intimate live-music venue for both local and popular national and international touring acts, which grace the stage many nights every single week.

Zbar is a perfect destination for a top-notch menu, a large heated patio, and Wi-Fi inside and out!  There is a reason that only the great things survive, and Zanzabar is living proof of how it’s done.

Continue the tradition and make your grandpa proud.

Zbar game list:

  • 1984 Atari Paperboy
  • 1986 Bally Midway Rampage
  • 1981 Bally Midway Tron
  • 1982 Williams Joust
  • 1986 Vs. Nintendo Super Mario, ExciteBike & Castlevania
  • 1982 Williams Robotron cabaret
  • 1982 Gottlieb Q*Bert
  • 1980 Midway Rally-X cabaret
  • 1981 Midway Galaga cabaret
  • 1981 Midway Ms. Pac-Man cabaret
  • 1980 Atari Centipede cabaret
  • 1982 Sega/Gremlin Zaxxon
  • 1981 Stern Super Cobra
  • 1980 Stern Scramble
  • 1983 Bally Midway Bud Tapper
  • 1979 Atari Asteroids
  • 1982 Nintendo Donkey Kong Junior
  • 1981 Nintendo Donkey Kong
  • 1981 Sega/Gremlin Frogger
  • 1980 Midway Bally Packman cocktailZanzabar Pinball

Pinball Machines:

  • 1979 Williams Gorgar
  • 1989 Williams Whirlwind
  • 1990 Williams The Machine (Bride of Pinbot)
  • 1979 Bally Dolly
  • 1978 Bally Six Million Dollar Man
  • 1978 Bally Star Trek
  • 1981 Bally Eight Ball Deluxe
  • 1979 Bally Paragon

Upcoming Events

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    Mike Pfaff

    Mike is the co-founder of Nerd Louisville and still volunteers from time-to-time. He's been a nerd since he was first introduced to Dungeons & Dragons when he was a wee lad and continues playing to this day. You can play games with him at Slur Your Role or other Nerd Louisville events.