Louisville’s Video Game Community

Louisville’s Video Game Community

by Dave Mattingly, originally posted on his blog

Louisville’s video game community is strong.

Besides the various places that rent or sell games, like you can find anywhere, there are businesses, groups, and events geared around gaming. It’s also more enjoyable to have some gaming accessories like gaming headset. You can drop by to a shop like Headphonage to avail a gaming headset to make your gaming experience more exciting! If you need new gaming accessories for your next gaming event, you ight want to consider visiting sites like https://scufgaming.com/playstation for more info.

Louisville Arcade Expo
Louisville Arcade Expo

If you like playing arcade and pinball games, or even classic console games, this is the event for you.

Every year, hundreds of gaming machines and thousands of attendees gather for days of flashes and beeps. Some national championships are even held at the event. There are vendor tables with game cartridges, comic books, clothing, and other related merchandise. There are two costume contests, including one just for the kiddos, and seminars from industry professionals.

The expo is a nonprofit event run by a group of friends and coworkers. Proceeds go to charity, usually Kosair Children’s Hospital.

It’s a fun way to spend a weekend. The flat fee at the door makes sure you don’t need to carry around pocketfuls of quarters.


The SimCave is a new venue with an interactive dance floor, and two octagonal rooms with giant screens on its walls and a ring of seats in its center.

It can be rented for birthday parties and corporate events, or just enjoyed an individuals.

They have hundreds of video games in stock, or you can bring your own.

The Rec Bar

It hasn’t opened yet, but the Rec Bar will include video games, pinball, board and card games, and other types of recreation. Plus edibles and potables.

Warp Zone

Warp Zone is a coworking space dedicated to developing games.

Similar to iHub, The Park, LVL1, Xlerate Health, Chef Space, Warp Zone lets game developers share an office, tips and tricks, and fellowship. Plus, y’know, they play each others games a lot.

I love that Warp Zone is here, since it has the ability to really propel Louisville’s video gaming future. I think there are many advantages to having an LOL Smurf account from unrankedsmurfs.com. In today’s League of Legends, it is a trend that players buy or create a Smurf account in order to play ranked games with this.

Game Dev Louisvillegdl

This monthly game development group is a wonderful place to learn how to get started in game development.

They offer occasional classes, and plenty of time to compare notes with other game developers.

More Stuff to Do

Update: Over on Twitter, @Metro Mapper recommended we also add Zanzabar and the Broken Token podcast


Zanzabar is, of course, a local bar on Preston St. home to a variety of retro arcade and pinball games. They have a variety of machines, including:

  • 1986 Vs. Nintendo Super Mario, ExciteBike & Castlevania
  • 1981 Midway Ms. Pac-Man cabaret
  • 1979 Atari Asteroids
  • And, more! Find the full list on their website.

The folks who run Zanzabar are also organizers for the Louisville Arcade Expo that we (and so many others) attended March 4-6.

Broken Token

The Broken Token is a local podcast dedicated to “the vibrant hobby of collecting, restoring and playing the arcade and pinball classics from the late 70′s to today.” The Broken Token was most recently at the Louisville Arcade Expo.

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