Nerdlouvia 2018

Nerdlouvia 2018 is Louisville’s only convention focused entirely on tabletop gaming. This year, we’re taking over Spalding University’s historic Columbia Gym at 824 S 4th Street in Louisville, and over the course of a long weekend, we’ll be bringing you the very best in tabletop role-playing, board, and card games.

We will be providing a convenient cash bar and have food trucks lined up outside along the road to make sure you can recharge and get back to gaming quickly. The convention will run from 10:00 AM to 1:00 AM on Saturday, December 8th and from 10:00 AM to 7 PM on Sunday, December 9th.

New this year, we’re also throwing a HUGE VIP party on Friday night featuring live music and other acts exclusively for our VIP ticket holders. If you want to join the party, make sure you pick up one of the VIP tickets!

Board and Role-playing Games

Just like last year, Nerdlouvia will offer up a mix of scheduled events and games on demand. Most importantly, we’re working with local nerds to bring you the best and most fulfilling gaming experience possible.

If you are into role-playing games, we’ll be offering popular games like Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, Starfinder, and Call of Cthulhu. We’ll also have a slew of indie and storytelling RPGs like FATE, Dread, and Fiasco. For board gaming fans, we’ll have a large selection of games on-site for guests to borrow and play, and we’ll offer up some scheduled learn-to-play events that you will be able to pre-register for.

Of course, the popular Board Game Swap table will return as well, allowing you to trade in the old games and books you no longer want and walk out with new-to-you games to introduce to your friends.

A Fundraiser!

Nerd Louisville is a charitable non-profit. Our mission is to make Louisville, Kentucky the most awesome nerd city in the universe. We do that by fostering a sense of community, providing a hub to connect local nerds, and by promoting Louisville as a nerd destination. We also seek to educate, inspire, and empower local youth. In pursuit of our mission, we created the Next-Gen Nerds initiative; an initiative focused around the youth in our community and helping to cultivate the next generation of nerds in and around Louisville.

Nerdlouvia is our biggest fundraiser of the year, and most of the money we raise after expenses goes straight into our Next-Gen Nerds fund. You can learn more about Next-Gen Nerds by clicking here!

Ticket Types
The VIP Party!
(VIP and VIP+ Ticket Holders only)

On Friday, December 7th, 2018, we’ll be throwing a special VIP party for VIP and VIP+ Ticket holders with live music and other local acts still to be determined. Moreover, we’ll also be holding the very first annual Nerdly Awards where we will recognize all of the folks that have helped make Nerd Louisville and the local community so special.

Sponsored By Spalding University

Nerdlouvia 2018 is sponsored by Spalding University, a private, liberal arts institution with a commitment to compassion & a deep connection to community. Spalding is the home for students who want to earn a degree while engaging and serving the community, and they put compassion into action every day with their mission-driven focus. You can learn more about Spalding University at their website.

Nerdlouvia 2018 is an 18+ Event!