NerdLouvia 22 – Gaming

NerdLouivia22 is a celebration of gaming in as many forms as we can cram into a two day convention. From D&D to Monopoly, from cosplay to customizing miniatures, from geeky art to nerdy pop culture, November 4th and 5th is all about getting together and playing with friends old and new. Here is a sample of some of the activities we have planned. We can’t wait to see you there

Tabletop Role Playing Games


Wondering what exactly the Hellfire Club in Stranger Things were actually doing? Tabletop Roleplaying Games are a cross between collaborative storytelling, ghost stories around the campfire, and playing cowboys and Indians in the backyard (or outer space if your imagination went there). With a gamemaster to describe the world around you and a roll of the dice to determine success or failure, take part in epic stories and heroic adventures. Come play with us; tell your own story!


Below is our schedule of planned events. Sign up for your seat at a table and get in on the action! Updates as we get closer!

Friday November 4th

Table #: Table Sponsor: 4:00 PM 4:30 PM 5:00 PM 5:30 PM 6:00 PM 6:30 PM 7:00 PM 7:30 PM 8:00 PM 8:30 PM 9:00 PM 9:30 PM 10:00 PM 10:30 PM 11:00 PM 11:30 PM 12:00 AM
1 Jonathon Myhre – D&D 5e – The Hunt for Amarant la Mortas – 20th Level
2 Matthew McCloud – Call of Cthulhu 7e – Whatever Happened to Alicia Thorne – Beginner
3 Xavier Petit – D&D 5e – Strahd Dies Tonight – 8th Level
4 Andy Davis – Alien RPG – Chariot of the Gods – Beginner
5 Goesif Macrae – D&D 5e – Svenmeer – 11th Level
6 Johnathan Jackson – D&D 5e – The Workshop Watches – 5th Level
11 Open Table
12 Open Table
13 Open Table
14 Open Table

Saturday November 5th

Table #: Table Sponsor: 10:00 AM 10:30 AM 11:00 AM 11:30 AM 12:00 PM 12:30 PM 1:00 PM 1:30 PM 2:00 PM 2:30 PM 3:00 PM 3:30 PM 4:00 PM 4:30 PM 5:00 PM 5:30 PM 6:00 PM 6:30 PM 7:00 PM 7:30 PM 8:00 PM 8:30 PM 9:00 PM 9:30 PM 10:00 PM 10:30 PM 11:00 PM 11:30 PM 12:00 AM
1 Matthew McCloud – Dark Places & Demogorgons – Dance Hall Days – Beginner Gavin Wallace – D&D 5e – ??? – 5th level or 9th level Matthew McCloud – The Blackest of Deaths – Temple of the Ebon Worm – Beginner
2 Zach Preston – D&D 5e – A Requiem of Wings – 3rd Level Sean Marcum – Board Game – Marvel Dice Throne Tournament – Beginner
3 Kei Synder – D&D 5e – Rave in a Grave – 1st / 20th Andy Davis – Allien RPG – Fallout – Beginner
4 Andrew MacLennan – Basic Roleplaying 4e – Witch Hunt – ???
6 Open Table Open Table Open Table
7 Open Table Open Table Open Table
8 John Whitfield – Masks – A New Generation – Beginner Darshwood – D&D 5e – A Dungeons & Doobies Adventure – 3rd
9 James Sugrue – Traveller 2e – Mongoose – Beginner Daryl Janisch – DC Deckbuilding Tournament – Beginner
10 Travis Schneider – Board Game – Disney Sorcerer’s Arena – Beginner
11 Whitney Baggett – Color My Adventure – Into the Troll’s Color – Beginner
12 Jarred Roberts – Tales from the Loop – The Recycled Boy
13 Open Table Open Table
14 Open Table Open Table

Board Games

Most of us grew up playing Monopoly, Yahtzee, or Operation. But we grew up and so have board games. From fantasy adventures and building simulations to complex European strategy games there are games now for all ages. Thanks to our friends we will have well over 100+ board games!

NerdLouvia22 will be hosting several scheduled games in addition to our extensive board game library. Con attendees can simply check out a game from the library, grab some friends and play!

Miniature Games

Miniature games like Warhammer and Battletech can be almost as much about painting and customizing your figures as they are about battling your enemies. NerdLouisvia22 will have several demos of BattleTech during the event so you can learn the basics of the game. In addition, there will be a panel to introduce miniature painting. Space and materials will be available for painting miniatures.

Card Games

Pokemon and Magic: the Gathering events will be scheduled during the con.


Open Tables

Just because a game isn’t on the official schedule doesn’t mean that it can’t be played. Have a D&D scenario that you want to run, but don’t want to commit to a time slot? Looking for an adventure but all the games are full? We will have signups for attendees to run pickup games as space is available. To run a pickup game, please fill out a signup sheet at the staff table.


1pm Character Creation with John Cowgell -small stage

2pm pending -small stage

3pm How to- Cosplay Makeup with Holly Crisler and Kim Gastinger -small stage

4pm Cosplay Contest -Main stage

5pm Q&A D&D – A DM’s guide on how to -small stage

6pm Independent game creation with Wet Ink Games – small stage

7pm Q&A Cosplay 101 with ORCs -small stage

Our Sponsor

Miso’s Game Room and Collectibles

Miso’s Game Room offers a welcoming environment to anyone interested in tabletop games, and their vast collection of collectibles. Whether you’re just getting into tabletop games, or you’re an experienced competitive player, they have something for everyone.
Miso’s Game Room and Collectibles is a one stop shop for your favorite toys, games, and comics. They even offer on site tabletop gaming and events, as well as a buy, sell and trade option. Miso’s carries table top games such as Warhammer 40k, Age of Sigmar, Marvel Crisis Protocol, Bolt Action, Conquest, and many more. Vintage and new toys including Star Wars, Marvel, DC, NECA, Funko Pops, Gi Joe, Heman & MOTU, TMNT, and also a selection of back issue comics.


Our Venue

Art Sanctuary

Located in Louisville, KY, Art Sanctuary is a 501(c)3 non-profit status community-oriented arts collective supporting local visual, literary and performing arts through events, promotion and education.