Next-Gen Nerds

Next-Gen Nerds!

For those of you that don’t know, our mission at Nerd Louisville is to make Louisville the nerdiest city in the universe. But how do we do that? We have committed ourselves to fostering a sense of community, providing a hub to connect local nerds, and promoting Louisville as a nerd destination. In pursuit of our mission, we have also created the Next-Gen Nerds initiative, an initiative focused around the youth in our community with the goal of cultivating the next generation of nerds in and around Louisville. This program seeks to educate, inspire, and empower local youth.

One of our most recent Next-Gen Nerds projects was to donate dozens of board games to The de Paul School. The de Paul School is a highly accredited institution committed to the success of students with learning differences. They acknowledge the positive effect of gaming as both a social and educational tool. One of the many enrichment clubs that students can join at de Paul is their “Games of the World” club. After learning about this club, and their need to expand their game collection, we were happy to collect donations from our generous supporters and make a donation to the school. In addition to our donation, Nerd Louisville board members and volunteers also had the opportunity to meet some of the students and host a special game night for the school. Volunteers had a great time teaching students to play a variety of games including Risk, Codenames, and Monopoly. Students at the event particularly enjoyed Happy Salmon, and after several boisterous sessions of the game, everyone was exhausted. It was exciting to see the positive effects that tabletop gaming can have on kids first hand and everyone had a blast!

Nerd Louisville also donated three sets of Battletech miniatures to Knight Middle School for their after school gaming group including an “Age of Sigmar” starter set and two “Start Collecting!” boxes worth over $300!

This after school program, and others like it, challenge kids to be creative and social, and build stronger bonds with their school and their peers. Sixty percent of the students at Knight Middle are on free and reduced lunch, so they could use some support. Brandon Thomas, a teacher at Knight Middle, has worked hard to build a devoted gaming club with the enthusiastic support of Principal Catherine Gibbs. Your donations will enable us to continue supporting them in the next school year.

Watch this space for future news on our developing charitable initiatives. If you would like to donate to Nerd Louisville’s Next-Gen Nerds program, please contact us at or donate online

We would like to give a special acknowledgement to Schneider Electric for their generous donation to this project, and both Book and Music Exchange and The Louisville Game Shop for providing us with hefty discounts.

Squire Greene

Squire manages Book and Music Exchange on Bardstown Road. They carry a wide selection of used and new board games. He also runs a weekly board game meetup at Kaiju, Mondays from 8pm-12am.