Phasers Set to Hilarious at Alley Theater

Phasers Set to Hilarious at Alley Theater

A review of Star Trek: Boldly Going WAY Too Far

Written by Matt McCloud

I approached this play with a bit of trepidation. As a long-time fan of all things Trek, I was worried that I may be forced to sit through an unbearable watching of old gags and tired Trek clichés.

Man, I’m glad I was wrong.

Star Trek: Boldy Going WAY Too Far is a fantastic voyage of sci-fi comedy that is as wonderfully written as it is beautifully played. The Alley Players have put all the things that make Trek funny, daring, and imaginative and shook them up into a cocktail that can kick-start a warp engine. Yes, there were many predictable jokes throughout the play, but it was viewing the struggle of a bumbling Kirk (played perfectly by Kenn Parks) and crew as they travel through time and space to stop a power-mad Khan that made the show. Joey Arena was brilliant, both as Spock and Picard, (see—space AND time!) and it’s obvious he has a true love for the Trek shows. Other notables in the show are Steven Schotts as Bones, who reminded me more of Gopher from Love Boat, and the lovely Rebekah Lynn Dow as Uhurha, who gives a poignant paraphrasing of Edith Keeler’s speech from The City on the Edge of Forever, easily any Trek fan’s favorite show. Honorable mention goes to Dennis Grinar for his spot-on Scotty.

With a sharp cast, smart scenery, and great timing, The Alley Players have pulled a Dylithium diamond out of the rough with this highly enjoyable parody. Be sure to watch the last few shows this weekend!

You can buy tickets to the next showings of Star Trek: Boldy Going WAY Too Far tonight and Saturday at 7:30 by visiting or by calling the Alley Theater box office at (502) 822-5598. 

Matt M

Matt McCloud is one of the Old School Gamers in Nerd Louisville and loves revisiting his favorite RPG's of the 80s and 90s. A convention goer for years, Matt has worked in just about every venue of the gaming convention business; fan, roadie, volunteer, track manager to producer of the first Tabletop Game Day in Louisville, Nerd Louisville's roaming reporter and podcast producer is always looking for that something shiny.