Slur Your Role 79 (06/16/2019)

Nerd Louisville Presents – Slur Your Role!

Join Nerd Louisville at Kaiju on East Oak Street for an evening of role-playing and fun as we pursue our mission of making Louisville the most awesome nerd city in the universe.

Please note that a $5 donation is required in order to play. Donations are used to fund our organization and support Nerd Louisville’s Next-Gen Nerds initiative. The event is “first come, first served”, and seating is limited. If you would like to save yourself a spot at a table in advance, you can pre-register by clicking on the ticket button below.


If you plan to register for a D&D 5E Multiverse game, you must have a Multiverse legal character of the appropriate level. Pre-gens will be provided at the event for players signing up for 1st level games. For more information about the Louisville D&D Multiverse, click here to read the Louisville D&D Multiverse Conventions.


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►Dungeons & Dragons 5E Multiverse (Hafmar Jungle Dome), run by Jimmie (Levels 5 – 10)

►Dungeons & Dragons 5E Multiverse (Goblins and Kobolds and Zombies, OH MY!), run by Eric (Levels 11-15)

►Dungeons & Dragons 5E Multiverse (Adventures in the Swordcoast), run by Adam (Levels 4-8)

►Dungeons & Dragons 5E Multiverse (Ambermont Tales) run by Darrenn (Levels 1-4)

►Dungeons & Dragons 5E Multiverse (Fortunes in the Foglands: Buffet Bash!) run by Max (Levels 10-15)

► Dungeons and Dragons 5E Multiverse (Moonthrone: Back into the Wyrd and Wild) run by Lane (Levels 5-10)


As always, drink responsibly and tip your bartender! Many thanks to Kaiju for hosting our event. 


Online Registration Policy: 

1. Your registration guarantees you a spot in a game. 

2. If the game you registered for is canceled, you will be offered a spot in another game if at all possible. If we cannot find you another game, we will refund your registration fee. 

3. Other than the occurence of a cancellation of the event, there are no refunds for online registration. 

4. If you are not at your table by 4:05 p.m. you forfeit your reserved seat. Please show up by 3:55 to find your game. 

The Nerd Louisville Code of Conduct:

Treat everyone with respect, regardless of race, religion, gender, orientation, ability, favorite edition, or other differences. Avoid depicting stereotypes of real-world minority groups. Do not depict sexual assault or threats

All nerds were created equal, so treat them that way! Help your GM enforce the code. You can also discreetly text (502) 536-7729 or speak to the event coordinator to report issues


4 available
D&D 5E MV - Hafmar Jungle Dome (Levels 5-10)$5.00A strange multi-colored dome has enveloped the Hafmar Jungle. No one has returned with any explanation of what kind of event or entity has taken over the Hafmar Jungle. Are you brave enough to venture forth into this strange anomaly and find out what secrets this ever changing jungle hides?
5 available
D&D 5E MV - Goblins and Kobolds and Zombies, OH MY! (Levels 11-15)$5.00A distant Kingdom is calling for adventurers to solve its issues with nearby creature populations. Will you take up the call, earning fame and fortune along the way? Or maybe you wish to solve the mystery of the rumors of a strange alliance between goblin and kobold forces? Is there a necromancer involved, raising the city’s dead for his own nefarious plans? Find out for yourself. Grab your Toto and take the leap. Step out of Kansas for a while.
Out of stock!D&D 5E MV - Adventures in the Swordcoast (Levels 4-8)$5.00On the road north to the spine of the world, the newest members of the Iron Tail Hunter’s guild seek their bounty and the most beautiful sound in the world. Their journey and what they find in the north will shape their adventures to come.
3 available
D&D 5E MV - Ambermont Tales (Levels 1-4)$5.00Lycanthropes! The great magistress Latulla has summoned heroes to delve into the silver mines that run deep into the mountains surrounding the city to discover the source of the curse that has been plaguing the city for months. The intrigue is thick and the encounters are deadly. Are you brave enough to face what lies in the darkness?
5 available
D&D 5E MV - Fortunes in the Foglands: Buffet Bash! (Levels 10-15)$5.00Come one come all! While Ruckleford Stoneshaft of the Reclaimers may be away, his cousin Rogand needs your help! With a famous cooking competition coming up, he will need all the adventures he can get for helping him out in this no-holds-barred cooking extravaganza! Hunt monsters, make dishes, and dazzle judges! Let's see if you have what it takes!
2 available
D&D 5E MV - Moonthrone: Back into the Wyrd and Wild (Levels 5-10)$5.00Months ago the mysterious illness called mulch lung swept through Moonthrone. The city has recovered, but those who survived can sense...something. The wind Beasts are restless. Ancient powers stir in the wilds outside Moonthrone. Will you venture into the cursed mire known as the Sunkslog to find out what, and why? A wilderness exploration adventure using alternate rules from Into the Wyrd and Wild by Charles B. F. Avery.
Racheal Shoulders