mike pfaff

Mike Pfaff

President, Administrator & Editor

NL Podcast: Producer & Host

joe dunman

Joe Dunman

Vice President

NL Podcast: Guest Host

Andy in the stocks

Andy Bates

Treasurer, Writer

NL Podcast: Producer & Guest Host

Steven Wu

Steven Wu

Director, Artist

Brandon Stettenbenz Digital Strategist

Brandon Stettenbenz

Content Strategist, Writer

NL Podcast: Guest Host

Matt McCloud game master and podcast manager

Matt McCloud

Event Reporter & Writer

NL Podcast: Guest Host


Jonathan Meadows

Event Organizer

Emily McGlawn

Emily McGlawn

Event Organizer


Ariel Fischer


NL Podcast: Co-host


We want to also give a shoutout to GMs who’ve run a game at our Slur Your Role events. The quality of our events is thanks to these volunteers:

  • Andrew MacLennan
  • Andrew Littell
  • Andrew Steele
  • Andy Bates
  • Ariel Fischer
  • Bill WJ McGuffin
  • Casey Snook
  • Colin Thomas
  • Craig Schmidt
  • David Buschermohle
  • Deiter Zimmerman
  • Don Bacon
  • Elliott Paul
  • Emily McGlawn
  • Hilary Weiss
  • Jackson King
  • James Sugrue
  • John Salyer
  • Jonathan Meadows
  • Lane Bowen
  • Matt McCloud
  • Mike Pfaff
  • Spencer Davis
  • Sterling Pratt
  • Steven Wu
  • Tom Gamble
  • Westley Meredith
  • William Berry
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We’re all volunteers with a passion for nerd culture in our fair city of Louisville. If you’d like to join our team, please contact us and let us know how you can help.