Episode 16 – Fandomfest 2016

Fandomfest 2016

Episode 16 – Fandomfest 2016

In this episode, we talk with Ken Daniels and Chris Rowe of Fandomfest 2016. We talk about the history of Fandomfest, mistakes made, and how the convention continues to grow and improve. This year the convention has a huge selection of celebrities, events, panels, and gaming to participate in, including the Stan Lee Experience where you can meet the comic legend himself.


  • Introductions
  • What is Fandomfest?
  • Origins of Fandomfest
  • Fandomfest expansion
  • Louisville as the “possibility city”
  • Martial Arts Combat & Steroids
  • “Matt McCloud is a great guy” but his underbelly…
  • Mistakes at past Fandomfests and straightening those problems out
  • Nerdy Planet – the Fandomfest Store
  • Ken loves Andy’s Definitive Guide to Gaming Stores in Louisville
  • Stan Lee
  • Stan Lee loves Ken’s wife and her calming voice
  • Acquiring Stan Lee
  • Gene Simmons & visiting L.A.
  • Gene Simmons’ nerddom
  • “Life’s a Game”
  • The Stan Lee Experience
  • Least expensive convention
  • Louisville and being local
  • Events at Fandomfest
  • Cosplay competitions
  • Pokemon Go! at Fandomfest
  • Fandomfest charity work
  • Gaming at Fandomfest
  • Analogue Gaming
  • The size of Fandomfest
  • Backstreet Boys & Nsync private show
  • Movie props at Fandomfest
  • Ken’s salary
  • How awesome Nerd Louisville is
  • Passion and labor of love
  • Stranger Things on Netflix
  • Where to buy tickets for Fandomfest?
  • Nerd Louisville Secret Marvel Unveil
  • Fandomfest Ticket Giveaway!

To buy tickets to Fandomfest, visit their website. As noted, Nerd Louisville is also giving away a pair of Saturday passes to the convention to a lucky winner. Find us on Facebook, like our page and share this post!

The Crew:

  • Mike Pfaff
  • Matt McCloud

Intro / Outro music is The White of Noon by STRFKR, graciously provided by Polyvinyl Records.

Episode 13 – Bagged and Bored: Probable Nudity

Bagged & Bored

Episode 13 – Bagged and Bored: Probable Nudity

Disclaimer: we talk about nudity – so much nudity – but it’s a podcast so you can’t see it. 

In this episode, we talk with Matt Gaither, April Singer, & Sean Keller of the Bagged & Bored comedic web series. Matt is the creator, writer, director, etc., while April and Sean are actors in the series. We discuss how the series came about, how they pulled off using an actual comic shop to film at, and most importantly, their upcoming Season 1 Finale!

At the Bagged and Bored Season 1 Finale on June 10th at 8pm, the cast and crew will be celebrating the momentous occasion with a free event at the Clifton Center. It’ll be an amazing time, with special appearances by the cast, behind the scenes featurettes, collectible t-shirts, and more! Of course, the main event of the evening will be Bagged And Bored Episode 7! Hope to see you there!


  • Introductions: Sean Keller, Matt Gaither, April Singer
  • What is Bagged and Bored?
  • Nerd & Pop Culture References
  • The Destination, a comic book store, and Mike’s inability to actually go there
  • Preparation for episodes, binders, and classically trained stage actors
  • Getting offered the store for shooting for free
  • Recruiting talented actors, Drinking Perfume, April & Sean knowing each other
  • Sean’s private actor’s trailer
  • Taping/Filming/Shooting
  • How Bagged & Bored is not influenced by Kevin Smith, but Edgar Wright & Spaced
  • Bringing in other talent; animators, musicians, etc.
  • Matt: Rambler Extraordinaire
  • Bagged & Bored finding its footing quickly
  • Having more female voice and contributions to the show
  • Celebrity and getting spotted in public; Jake’s dad
  • Character-driven story and plot; Zooey’s iconic look & Tank Girl
  • Episode 5 and the feels
  • Bagged & Bored needs someone to make torpedo bras… Cosplay
  • The Season Finale Event on June 10th at 8pm at the Clifton Center
  • Funding a web series like Bagged & Bored
  • The most amazing pog collection ever
  • Sean’s kleptomania
  • Crowdfunding Season 2 and the extras for backers
  • Upcoming non-Bagged and Bored events that April & Sean are acting in
  • Nerdy stuff the Bagged and Bored crew are into
  • KOTOR & Cargo Pants

To find out more about Bagged and Bored, check out Brandon’s recent article and watch Bagged and Bored for FREE on YouTube.

The Crew:

  • Mike Pfaff
  • Brandon Stettenbenz

Intro / Outro music is The White of Noon by STRFKR, graciously provided with permission by Polyvinyl Records.