Episode 14 – The Louisville Game Shop

Episode 14 – The Louisville Game Shop

In this episode, we talk with Colin Moore, founder and co-owner of the Louisville Game Shop on Baxter Avenue here. Joe Dunman, the vice president of Nerd Louisville and patron of Colin’s store, joins us to talk about some nerdy stuff. We talk about Joe’s lack of nerd cred, running a local game store, how much Colin hates gamers, and more.


  • Introductions: Colin Moore, owner of the Louisville Game Shop, and Joe Dunman, vice president of Nerd Louisville
  • Talking shit about Joe
  • How Joe became a nerd
  • D&D in the 80s (i.e. demon ladies with boobs)
  • Colin’s first roleplaying game
  • The Louisville Game Shop’s founding
  • The woes of working at UPS
  • Why LGS is closed on Wednesdays
  • Wargaming and the LGS – Andy’s misquoting in his Definitive Guide to Game Stores
  • Random foot traffic from Bardstown Road
  • Game evangelism
  • Buying locally vs. buying online
  • Colin sings “a whole new world” from Aladdin
  • “Normals”
  • The vast array of board game nights
  • Teaching games and upcoming events at LGS
  • Colin’s new phone
  • Joe’s love of the LGS and its DIY / punk rock style
  • Colin’s hate of gamers, social gaming, and flakes
  • Being an old man gamer & adult gaming
  • Deputizing customers to keep people in line
  • Joe’s social justice podcast, The Parade of Horribles
  • The legal system as a big game & rules lawyers
  • LGS now open 7 days a week

To find out more about The Louisville Game Shop and to see upcoming events, check out the website and Facebook page. Joe’s podcast, The Parade of Horribles, can be found on iTunesSoundCloud, and questions sent to them on Twitter or Facebook. You can also read his stuff at his blog and at Insider Louisville.

The Crew:

  • Mike Pfaff
  • Joe Dunman

Intro / Outro music is The White of Noon by STRFKR, graciously provided by Polyvinyl Records.