Episode 6 – Slur Your Role

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Episode 6 – Slur Your Role was recorded at Nerd Louisville’s roleplaying game event Slur Your Role III on 2/21/2016. We talk with Ariel and Brandon, local nerds, about their experience in Mike’s D&D roleplaying game earlier tonight and their upcoming podcast, “CouplaNerds” where they’ll discuss all things nerdy from a tandem perspective.

We also get a chance to thank Devon and Spencer from Games on Tap for their donation that went toward our new podcast mixer and they tell us what Games on Tap has been up to since we ran a story about them after their first meetup last year.

The Nerd Louisville Podcast crew:

Intro/Outro music: The White of Noon by STRFKR with permission from Polyvinyl Records.

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  • Ariel and Brandon reveal their competitive streaks, what games get them fired up, and what co-operative video and boardgames they love: Diablo III, Divinity, Elder Sign, Marvel Legendary, etc.
  • Ariel and Brandon talk about their D&D characters, and how Mike keeps them engaged, manages table talk, etc.
  • The group discusses playing tabletop with random people, making new friends, keeping the game going, and how to keep things cool between players when characters get sly
  • Players discuss teamwork, violence, and insanity that happened during their game of  Call of Cthulhu set in modern day America
  • Mike pressures Brandon and Ariel to get their podcast CouplaNerds launched
  • Brandon calls Mike out on his efforts to impale his D&D character and otherwise doom the party using some high level bandits
  • Devon and Spencer discuss the evolution of their event: Games on tap
  • Devon talks about encouraging new comers and random bar patrons to get involved
  • Werewolf game stories and foul language
  • Being inclusive and playing nice while getting into the game
  • Mitigating the “cool” or “uncool” factor and recruiting non-players from the crowd
  • How bars lend themselves to gaming events for adults (vs. book stores) because you can be openly excited
  • The social aspect, playing multiple tables (boardgames) at each event, and running games as a host
  • Games on Tap every Wednesday, usually at Louis’s the Ton or Great Flood Brewing Co.

Episode 3 – Andy’s Favorite Gaming Store In Louisville

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In Episode 3 – Andy’s Favorite Gaming Store in Louisville, we argue about Wizard World, discuss local gaming groups in and around town, find out Jesse’s favorite game (hint: it involves a candy cane forest), and Andy tells us his favorite game store in Louisville thus far after the fifth installment of The Definitive Guide to Gaming Stores in Louisville!

The crew:

Intro/outro graciously provided by Exacta Cube, Louisville (@gigasturtz).


  • Columbus, OH is shitty
  • Recap of Anime Community, wifus, husbandos
  • Our experience at Wizard World Louisville
  • Matt’s Nerd Louisville briefcase
  • How to be a Professional Nerd panel
  • Jesse’s broken leg as Captain America
  • Bruce Campbell’s lack of a sense of humor
  • Our ticket give away to Nerd Louisville fans
  • the Nerd Flea Market
  • Cosplay at Wizard World, costume contest
  • ConGlomeration’s search for GMs to run games at the convention
  • Gaming at Conventions
  • Gaming Groups around Louisville: Games on Tap, Louisville Board Game Meetup, etc.
  • Candyland
  • Andy’s take on the game stores and his favorite game store of all from his Definitive Guide to Gaming Stores in Louisville