Dirk Stanley Podcast

In this episode of the Nerd Louisville Podcast, we talk with Dirk Stanley, owner of Simian Circle Games and creator of the Far Away Land role-playing game. Dirk lives and works in Louisville, and just recently raised over $13,000 from Kickstarter to produce five brand new Far Away Land books.

Highlights Include:

  • Introduction
  • Louisville weather is weird (1:15)
  • Dirk Stanley is a writer and artist (2:00)
  • Dirk Stanley is not Altruistic (4:00)
  • Far Away Land vs. Adventure Time (6:40)
  • Training Montages (9:00)
  • Dirk Stanley is a Muder Hobo (14:00)
  • How do they die? (17:50)
  • Revised Tome of Awesome (19:00)
  • Failure can be fun! (22:30)
  • Jonathan and Dirk love killing players (26:00)
  • Life in Eastern Kentucky (30:00)
  • Naval Combat Rules (36:30)
  • Dirk and Jonathan talk about Game of Thrones (41:30)

You can learn more about Dirk Stanley and Far Away Land on the Far Away Land Website

The Crew:

  • Jonathan Meadows

The Podcast

James L. Sutter Podcast

In this episode, we talk with James L. Sutter, one of the original creators of Pathfinder and the Creative Director in charge of launching Starfinder. He was also the Executive Editor in charge of the Pathfinder novels and has written two fantasy novels—Death’s Heretic and The Redemption Engine. He will be the Gaming Guest of Honor at Conglomeration 2018 which begins on March 30th.


  • Introduction
  • James’ New Novel
  • James L. Sutter’s Work (Starfinder, Pathfinder, Comics, Video Games, Novels)
  • Iconic Pathfinder Characters
  • Being a GM
  • Numenera/Planescape/Monte Cook Games
  • The Creation of Starfinder
  • Mysteries in Starfinder
  • Working in the Game Industry
  • Writing for a Living
  • Star Wars: The Last Jedi
  • Conglomeration 2018

You can learn more about James L. Sutter on his Website and you can follow him on Twitter.

The Crew:

  • Jonathan Meadows
  • Brandon K Aten

The Podcast