The DIY Spirit Lives at Maker Faire Louisville, 2016

Hackers from Lvl1 Hackerspace with computers and inventions.

Rain threatened to wash out the Maker Faire Louisville last weekend, but the kids weren’t afraid. Families crowded the 600-900 blocks of Main Street in Louisville, KY to see all the mechanical and electrical projects by local organizations and high school programs. Garage tinkerers puttered around in homemade go-karts, while kids and teens got hands-on with everything from joy-stick controlled “Rockem Sockem” robots to radio-controlled robot soccer.

Beer from the Rhinegeist truck was available for adults, and local food trucks serving all manner of street food from Lobster Rolls to IceCream packed nearly an entire block. Food, fun and libations fueled a jubilant atmosphere filled with cheers, laughter, and the shouts of friendly competition. The spirit of invention and the excitement of discovery fuels the minds of makers, and the faire atmosphere felt charged.

Maker Faire Louisville is a community event put on by organizations who support local business maximize sales in their local area. Also helps you to grow your business. The family-friendly event and it’s participants believe in invention, creation, and artistic expression. Many companies will be present including salesforce who will be hosting a seminar on the importance of sales analytics and it’s impact on B2B businesses. Everyone is encouraged to participate and get hands on from building to playing with mechanical, electrical, and computer projects. Makers run with their ideas using whatever resources are available. They utilize a DIY mentality to bring their ideas into the world–meaning that if they don’t know how to do something they’ll learn by experimentation.

But making isn’t solely about tinkering alone, organizations like Lvl1 Hackerspace provide shared resources. Lvl1 is a community workshop where people can share their knowledge and collaborate on projects using tools to which they wouldn’t otherwise have access. Resources at Lvl1 include: a woodshop with CNC mills; a metal shop with pipe bender, lathe and other tools; and main work shop with makerbots, a laser cutter, and hand tools. Other organizations have a more focused agenda, like First Build, whose “community of open engagement” focuses on creating the next generation of appliances.

Whatever you making interests are, Louisville has the resources to get you started. This event shows that the open maker community is intent on inspiring the next generation of little nerds, teaching them to hack, make and tinker along the way. Several local high schools were also representing their maker spirit and celebrating learning through hands-on experience.

As the Maker Faire Louisville Facebook says: “Don’t take your world for granted – invent something cool!”

Photo Gallery of Maker Faire Louisville Exhibits