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Nerd Louisville is a registered 501(c)3 charitable non-profit.

Why Nerd Louisville?

Nerd Louisville was established after we discovered there was a vibrant and active community of people in Louisville interested in all types of nerdy activities, but that many of those people were scattered around the city in disparate and sometimes competing groups. We wanted to change that, so we created Nerd Louisville to make it easier for nerds to connect and become friends.

Nerd Louisville’s goal isn’t to supersede or absorb the already existing nerd groups in Louisville, but to create a platform that enables groups to connect with each other and grow organically.

Since our inception, we have fostered a strong and interconnected community, established an annual tabletop gaming convention (Nerdlouvia), and developed a charitable initiative (Next-gen Nerds) to support at-risk youth.

Our Mission

Nerd Louisville’s mission is to make Louisville, Kentucky the most awesome nerd city in the universe. We do that by:

  • Fostering a sense of community
  • Providing a hub to connect local nerds
  • Promoting Louisville as a nerd destination
  • Educating, inspiring, and empowering local youth.


We need your help to make Louisville the most awesome nerd city in the universe.

Next-Gen Nerds

We need people to work with our Next-Gen Nerds; educators, mentors, and entertainers.


We need people to help forge relationships with old and new sponsors.


We need volunteers for events; help setup, run games, staff booths, etc.


We need volunteers to spread the word, manage our website and social media, and foster a broader audience.

Our entire organization is volunteer run. But, we can’t do it alone. If you think you can contribute, don’t hesitate.

We want you to sign up for volunteer opportunities.


Many THANKS to our Partners for letting us utilize their space!

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Are you a local store, organization, or group interested in becoming official sponsors of Nerd Louisville? It’s easy, and you’ll be making a big difference in our mission. Please reach out to us via Email to discuss plan options!


Join our community Facebook group to meet other gamers, roleplayers, cosplayers, LARPers, techies, and of course nerds.

Nerd Louisville Events

Nerdlouvia, Slur Your Role, Game Knights, Girls Nerd Out, Friday Night RPGs, and more!

Nerd Louisville sponsors a variety of recurring and one-off events around the city. These events are held at local establishments, like local bars and game shops. Most events also function as fundraising endeavors where Nerd Louisville accepts donations to fund charitable work, like our Next-Gen Nerds initiative. You can find our events on our Facebook page or by checking our online calendar.


Game Sessions


Hours of Gaming


Great Events


Ultimate Nerd City